Oct 2, 2009

Friday Mystery

I've been abandoned! Shunned! Discarded! O the intrigue!

You see, my followership dropped from 40 to 39. Someone didn't find my posts engaging enough to follow anymore, which always interests me. Did they find something offensive? Did they find my wit witless? Did I bore them?

Let's detect like detectives, shall well? Said follower left today. Which means, disgust or boredom peaked within the last 24 hours. What could have pushed them over the threshold?

In the last 24 hours I've discussed:

Facebook Sororities
Smiley Face Petitions
Toboggoning Leprechauns
Ryan Reynolds Forcing Me To Question My Heterosexuality
Billboard Repetition
Billboard Repetition
Restauranting Penguins

Well, seems like a pretty normal list to me. We'll miss you #40, whoever you are. You're always welcome back, but you may have to take a different number.


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

I think it was the jizz post. (just sayin')

Cristina said...

Hey, I lost a follower too! I blame you.

Mi Thoughts said...

You're probably right. While writing that post I wondered if dropping 'jizz' would offend someone. In a related story, I believe the phrase, "dropping jizz" should never be used in the future.

Mi Thoughts said...

Shannon! Blame me? Really? Well, I accept that blame. Christ accepted blame too. He and I are so alike.

Cristina said...

You're such a saint. Wait, did I say saint? I meant douche. :-P

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