Oct 2, 2009

Making a Difference

Faces! They're important! Even within a text, they're important! Which, is why I'm bringing you a one shot segment entitled Faces In Text: Don't F&%$ Them Up.

Faces in text should look like this:


Faces in text should not look like this:

: )

There's a difference people. A space betwixt eyes and mouth are unnecessary, unless you're adding a nose. If you're not adding a nose, why the space? Huh? Hmmm? Exactly! You've uselessly elongated the face. It looks ridiculous.

You know what's more ridiculous? Organizing a petition to combat the rampant smiley face creatives. That sure would be ridiculous. Well, I did create a petition. Sign it. Make a difference. E pluribus smiley faces unum...out of many smiley faces one.


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