Dec 23, 2008


I hate words like "ginormous" and "chillax." I don't know when combining words became in vogue, but I want it unvogued, hung, shot, set on fire, and buried under a thick cememt tablet. If you ever use those words, and I immediately look frozen, rest assured it's because I value our friendship and I'm trying to do everything within my power not to punch you in the face.

Having said that, I realized if you combine "hate" and "love" you get "have." You can't have without love and hate! Ha! That's poetry.


Anonymous said...

You totally fucked me over in regards to tif. I also value our friendship so i will not punch you in the face.

Mi Thoughts said...

I smoothed things over. I value you valuing this friendship.

Brittani M said...

LOL good blog

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