Dec 23, 2008


Since I was a child, I'll pass the time by bouncing a line off objects. That probably makes no sense, unless you're a line bouncer. It's a great way to pass time, so here's what you do.

Let's pretend I'm looking at a corner of my office:

Great! Perfect! Lots of surfaces to bounce a line, because this is how I see my room:

Now, you simply start wherever you like, and see where the line goes.

It's maddeningly simple, but because you can change the line thickness, speed, and angle at the outset, the results are forever different. For instance, these two line bounces began at the same point but had wildly different paths.

This all started because...well....I honestly have no idea. It kept my mind busy. Eventually, I started to reverse engineer the line, figuring out the initial trajectory needed to get to a specific endpoint. Most of the time I wasn't even cognizant of bouncing until someone would ask, "what are you doing?" I can fall into a bit of a trance.

If you really want to challenge yourself, try bouncing in nature:

The curved branches and leaves play havoc with the line.

P.S. The only rule in line bouncing is respect every surface; you can't pretend a surface isn't there because you may get a bad bounce.


Anonymous said...

When i saw the title of this blog, i thought you were finally coming out the closet.

Mi Thoughts said...

Sorry to disappoint.

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