Dec 16, 2008


I may get a cat. Here are some names I like:

Mr. Winterbottom the Third
T. Nylon
Murphy Atwater
Ryan Class
Bur Stein

Feel free to use any. I'm leaning towards Mr. Winterbottom III.


MissModern said...

i view your blog more often than i check myspace...

this is a weird phenomenon... and i'm not quite sure what to do about it.

i have a cat. his name is vishniki.

we claim it's russian for happiness and love.

Mi Thoughts said...

This is much better then Myspace. I like the name Vishniki.

Anonymous said...

My Cats name is why don't you suck on my cock, ohhhh!!!

Mi Thoughts said...

Didn't Stern already do that joke?

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