Dec 16, 2008


Christmas! Here is a very thoughtful (cheap) gift for everyone: Great Websites.

The funniest sketch group I have seen. Fair warning, you'll spend hours on there site enjoying there creativity.

JJ Abrams: The Mystery Box
I love J.J. Abrhams. The guy is a genius. Here's something I found very inspirational.

Improv Interviews
Some improv teachers like to horde there "information" like fucking morons. The truly great teachers share. This site is full of improv heavyweights spreading what they know for free. I hope it helps you.

101 Zen Stories
It's a lot of Zen; a lot of head scratching and muttering, "huh?"

Eight Rules for Writing Fiction by Kurt Vonnegut
The Rules are applicable to writing, improv, and life in general. Vonnegut was a force.

Should you go watch that movie, buy that video game, or listen to that cd? Metacritic compiles all reviews in one spot. It's an invaluable resource.

A helpful resource for finding any television show you may have missed. In order to use it, download uTorrent too.


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