Dec 17, 2008


I just picked up the book 1000 Places To Visit Before You Die, and took a seat in the waiting room. I coincidentally sat next an old man. Now, I, coincidentally, feel guilty. I hope he doesn't see the cover.


Jason said...

Proof again that Paul Burke has no compassion in his heart, just a lump of coal. It's almost like purchasing a book on giving oral sex, then never reading it, yet letting the opposite sex see the book in your book case. Actually, now that I think about it, those two things are completely different. One is reminding somebody of the inevitable end of their life that is so, so close, while the other is just way to entice and eventually disappoint the opposite sex. Sorry for thinking they were the same.

Mi Thoughts said...

Thanks for that apt comparison.

Anonymous said...

proof again, that when it doesn't involve making a funny face, jason has no ability to say funny things.

Mi Thoughts said...

Oh my god! C'mon!

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