Dec 1, 2009


Do you avoid Employee Ice Jamming? You should. You should turn to that employee and say, "pardon me sir! I just paid a hefty price for this here soda, and all I see is a cup of ice. Ice! Did I pay for a heaping cup of ice? I didn't. Of course I didn't! I bought soda! Soda was the thing being sold, and the thing being purchased. Yet, here we are! An ocean of ice! A dearth of soda! Do you know what dearth means? Well, look it up on your own time jackass! There's a glacier in my cup. Fix it! Fill this with, at most, a smattering of ice, and the rest? Well, the rest should be soda. You know...the shit I bought."

Good day!


Joel said...

Say "lite ice" at the drive through

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