Sep 30, 2009

Straight Up

What the hell is that on my shirt? Is that toothpaste? Might be! Then again, could be jizz. Not my jizz, though. I don't find collared shirts erotic. V necks, however! Hello!


Cristina said...

Wow, someone was so excited about the possibility of some dude's jizz on his shirt he posted this thrice! If I may, if it's not your jizz whose might it be? ...never mind, I don't want to know.

Mi Thoughts said...

My apologies Nancy! Kudos on using 'thrice'. Did I mention I think it's hilarious a gas station attendant yelled at you? Reprimanded at the pump!

Cristina said...

The attendant *almost* yelled at me, Al. He spared me the humiliation because I'm a dumb Californian. Your reading skills need some work. :-P

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