Sep 30, 2009

Pair Problems

My shoes have vitiligo!

(Here, wikipeida the word, and learn!)

(I'm supplying a free education!)

(Well, technically, wikipedia is educating)

(I'm just pointing you in the direction of an education)

(I'm like a English Pointer)

(Here, wikipeida the word, and learn!)

(I'm supplying a free....oh jesus. Not this again.)


Courtney said...

As someone that is afflicted with vitiligo, I'm offended! Well, not really. One would have to have feelings for that to happen so I will say, nice use of the medical condition. My hat's off to you.

Mi Thoughts said...

Don't be offended! I'd never say anything bad about people afflicted with vitiligo. I would, however, petition they find a better name. Vitiligo? Lame. They should call it Porn Disease. That way, anyone who googles "porn" can learn before sinning.

Courtney said...

Maybe you should create a Wikipedia page for Porn Disease. You could be the one that spearheads the movement to change the name.

Mi Thoughts said...

Make a difference in this world? No thanks! I'll stick to making snide comments on my blog.

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