Aug 30, 2009

Your Honor!

Look, hotels! You can't call body wash Gel Douche and not expect me to giggle! And, might I add, I'm giggling naked in a slippery shower stall! I'll sue if I fall while laughing on that slick surface, if only to turn to the judge in the courtroom and begin, "your honor! When the aforementioned event transpired, I was douching."


Cristina said...

The name seems apropos considering the user (sorry, it was just too easy. Plus, I like the word "apropos"). :-D

Mi Thoughts said...

Sticks and stones! Sticks...and... *sob*

Cristina said...

Aw, I tease because I like ya. So, in a weird way, it was a compliment. You're a douchebag (you're welcome).

Mi Thoughts said...

Well. In a weird way...thank you.

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