Aug 9, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Finale

The finale of So You Think You Can Dance came and went this week. Here are some of my impressions/observations/queries:

Kat was wearing what I call Hooker Toga.

I wasn't complaining.

The stage last night looked like a ribcage.

I kept picturing the dancers as different organs bouncing around someones body. It would be terribly uncomfortable for one's liver to pirouette, but the imagery helped pass the time during the slow moments.

Is Megan Murpy married? If so, I feel bad for that poor husband. I can't imagine he wants to stay married to this squawking bitty.

Hell, she gives me a headache.... and I can mute her! I bet her henpecked husband watches the final scene of Pi and thinks, "a drill bit to the temple sounds like a lovely escape plan." I'm starting a fundraiser that'll help him; help him afford the lawyers needed for a bitter, drawn out divorce.

Finally, I had a chance to see the Cancer Dance I'd heard so much about. It was moving.

Melissa represented a woman bravely dealing with breast cancer. I don't know about Ade though. Was he portraying a white blood cell or a tumor?


Alfie said...

I totally want to kick Mary Murphy in the vajayjay.

Mi Thoughts said...

Lovely. :)

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