Aug 8, 2009

House Bunny Redux

Here I was, telling you I'm all set to watch The House Bunny, and I don't even have the courtesy to offer a review. I'm such a tease. Here are my thoughts:

Contrary to what you might have heard, The House Bunny isn't good. In fact, if your spouse told you the movie was great, turn to him or her and say, "look. This was fun for awhile, but I can't be with someone who likes bad movies. I'm leaving. Raise the kid on your own.

Sure, your kid may resent you moving on, but when they grow up they'll learn to respect, and even admire your choice. Expect a knock on your door one day from your grown offspring, your grownspring, if you will (and you will!). That grownspring will stand there soaking wet (it's always raining in the future), raise the rim of his hat, reveal his smiling face, look you in the eye, and say, "Dad. I've grown to respect, and even admire your choice to leave mom. Hell, that woman had terrible taste. I ran away when I was twelve, because she wanted me to watch The Ugly Truth. Crazy broad!"

Smart kid.


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