Jul 21, 2009

A Midsummer Night's Dream

As improv class goes, so goes my sanity.

I have a week! One week until I get to fill a bunch of heads with the goodness that is long form improv. Look at all these notes I've amassed over the past 5 years:

Those a lot of thoughts I need to archive. No time for that now, though! I need to root through all those words and decide what's worth teaching. Scratch that. It's all worth teaching. The question is, what lessons are imperative. I have my work cut out for me. Of course, I couldn't imagine a better way to spend the evening; hunched over ideas about improv... and occasionally giggling (I've been told I have a high pitched giggle. Women say it's cute. I'll put that in my pocket for a rainy day).

That's a perfect night.


shykid87 said...

Knowledge sometimes a burden. But most times a curse.

Sushanta Kar said...

Same As you! I've so many thought to archive, but little time. Your's is possibly best way out write anything you have in your mind. But, I've so much work to do that I become selective.Thank For the comment you made in my blog.

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