Jun 30, 2009

White Denim

Drinking game! Drinking game! Read this narcissist's blog and take a drink whenever he mentions his name, "Matt." For added enjoyment, and a chance to really test your endurance, do a line of coke when he writes his first and last name, "Matt Fried"

You'll be dead within the hour.

Hope you enjoyed Paul's blog today. I'm Paul by the way. Do you know what Paul does? Paul writes. And, Paul stares at himself in the mirror while saying, "You're good enough Paul." Paul should be synonymous with awesome. That would be awesome. Or, should I say, that would be Paul.


Shauna said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog!! Your comment was very sweet.

You have a great sense of humor...when I clicked over to the 'narcissists' blog I just had to truly LOL. You hit the nail....

Great Blog!!

Gentle Hugs...<3

cd said...

Matt Fried applied for the Disney/ABC TV writer's fellowship. So he's a wannabe screenwriter. That's pretty much all you need to know. Also - who POSTS about that? Really? Because in a few months when he doesn't say anything more about it, you'll know what happened. Or if he does, he'll annoy you more.

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