Jun 30, 2009

Bloc Party

Digg is a helpful cite why the world's falling apart!

If you're unfamiliar, Digg allows users to rank stories/comics/video/all forms of media. You can sort searches through most, 'diggs,' which is a useful tool. It's also a nice reflection on what's currently valued in society.

There are some real gems on Digg, things that can make you, better, faster, and stronger. For instance:

351 is a lot of interest, right? Well, not really. It's buried by stories like this:

I'm not suggesting the King of Pop or Mays dying isn't news, but why not vote up advice from the uber successful too? They probably have some insight. If you have an account, be a dear and digg the advice's great.

I guess this post is really one giant plee for the article. I'm not above begging.


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