Jun 29, 2009

Sunset Rubdown

I took an assessment test for work last week. It was designed to measure a number of factors including Social Drive, Need for Control, Goal-Orientation, and Social Confidence. In any particular field, you could score 0-100%. The results were....unsettling:

When it comes to how I think people value me, I score 2%! How sad! And...actually...very accurate.

The test got me thinking about my comedy. I've always told people, "I like to make people laugh because they can forget about their problems for a little while." Honestly, I think the more accurate statement is, "I like to make people laugh because they can forget they dislike me for a little while." For the most part, I always wonder why anyone would want to befriend me. Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful, but worried. I always suspect people will one day realize, "why did I ever want to hang out with you?"

Yah...I think 2% was right on the mark.

(in no way is this a Woe-Is-Me post. It's more a I-Realized-This-Weird-Thing cathartic burst)


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