Jun 22, 2009

British Sea Power

A little info up front: my parents have lived in the same house for over 20 years. Above, you'll find a pair of stickers nearly that old.

When we moved back in the late 80's, my brother and I collected baseball cards. "Horde" might be a better word. We had thousands of cards. We owned Topps, Donruss, and even Upper Deck (the Porsche of baseball trading cards).

How does this relate to the stickers on a light switch? Well, our card addiction netted us a lot of extra team stickers. We decided to distinguish the light switches in our new home with their own team stickers. I can't recall if our parents signed off on this genius plan, but I doubt it. Either way, the Mets came to symbolize the porch light, and the Dodgers the foyer. I couldn't tell you why. Dodgers don't scream foyer, but there you have it.

I found these little guys while flicking on lights today, and it made me smile. Those are some durable little stickers. Twenty years old, and still stickin'.


Adam said...

haha, awesome, they are still there. see you next week

Paul said...

Yah. I had completely forgotten. Looking forward to seeing you guys.

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