Jun 22, 2009


I was raised to love me some talk radio. Most of my friends go FM... I opt for AM. They suffer in my car. Listening to people chatter on the radio, is not their idea of a good time. I'd like to think all this talk helps me as a communicator, but I doubt it.

Talk radio is awash with the weird, and late night is no exceptions. Hell, late night radio seems to be an oasis for the deranged. Have you ever heard of Coast to Coast AM with George Nooray? No? Here's a quick :
Crazies call in with their crazy ideas, and the host respects their babbling.

The host listens to these people when he should be tracing the calls and feeding the addresses to mental institutions around the country. For instance, consider, Jason Wentworth. He believes he's a horse trapped in the body of a human. I'm serious. He's serious. And, you should seriously listen. It's hilarious.


Question the Maintenance Guy said...

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Rebecca said...

BARF. I am sorry- I hate talk radio. My mom listens to that garbage, and it's literal spew. I cannot STAND it! Plus- It's 2009, does AM radio REALLY need to have that loud, staticy, irritating tone?

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

Ahhh, Coast to Coast AM is AMAZING. My husband I pretend it's the "old days" and turn it on in the living room while I embroider. And he checks email. Not so oldish days I guess. Check out this awesome song some strange guy name UFO Phil wrote about the show.

(BTW, found your blog through "that guy over there")

Mi Thoughts said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to make some money on this site....I just don't want to bog the place down in ads. One of these days I'll find a perfect content/ad balance.

Mi Thoughts said...

Hate talk radio? Maybe Rush Limbaugh isn't your cup o' tea, but what about NPR? Hmmmm? It's not all bad.

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