Jun 16, 2009

The Low Anthem

I'm going to an advanced screening of Year One tonight which should be fun. They overbook the screenings, so you're told to show up early. We're arriving 45 minutes in advance, which got me thinking about how much my time is worth.

Movie prices range from $5.50 (matinee) to $10.25 (full price). In essence, standing in line for 45 minutes for a free movie says 45 minutes of my time is worth $5.50 - $10.25. Let's figure out my hourly value....


Egad! According to my calculations (ha! I never thought I'd have chance to say that), I value my time somewhere between $7.33 - $13.67 an hour.

Hmmm. I clearly don't value my time very much. Then again, I'm going to the movie with a friend, so can one put a monetary value on friendship? Yes. Friendship is worth $2 an hour.


Anonymous said...

was the movie stale as fuck?

Paul said...

It wasn't very good. I wasn't expecting much, and then I saw Harold Ramis directed, so I was hopeful. Then, I saw it. The only word I can use is lazy. The script was just lazy.

cd said...

i'm amazed you got in with that short a lead time. doesn't bode well for the film. i think only people who arrived 90-120 minutes before the film made it in.

Paul said...

We did end up geting there 90 minutes early, which throws off my figures.

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