Jun 16, 2009

Street Sweeper Social Club

I don't like shopping. So much so, I will make do with inferior products in lieu of running to the mall. Take these shorts, for instance:

The button fell off, and I refuse to shop for a replacement or a new pair of shorts. I just cinch the belt tighter. Economical, and an environment saver! These shorts won't clog a landfill, and more cotton doesn't have to die to clothe another consumer.


cd said...

OMIGOD sew the button back on you helpless damn male. You would buy a whole new pair of shorts because the button fell off?

Bring them over and I'll even teach you how.

Paul said...

I thought you were going to say, "bring them over and I'll sew it on." I'm cool with that.

Teach me? Pfft!

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