Jun 30, 2009

The Handsome Family

Lady Gaga is a marketing genius. It's true. She's branded herself as the "woman who covers her face with her hands." She's made her hands an integral part of her performance, and who she is.

That's smart, because you know what we traipse around with everywhere; what never escapes our sides? Our hands. If we don't notice ours, we notice someone elses, consciously or unconsciously, all the time. And, you know what else is unconscious? Our, Lady Gaga is hands association.

Yep, she's made a pair of hands her symbol, and that's one symbol you can't escape.


Sheila said...

It adds mystery too.

Mi Thoughts said...

I agree. One of the first questions anyone ever seems to ask is, "what does she really look like?" I guess she learned a lot from her days grinding against a pole in a strip club.

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