Jan 18, 2009

King of Kong

Miracle on the Hudson! Douchebags on the shore! A jet takes on water, people scramble for their lives and....'click'! Click? Shouldn't someone be yelling, "I'll help!"

Someone is snapping pictures of a tragedy that hasn't happened, but is happening. Who are these photographers? Framing a shot of others trying to survive? Jesus! Go help those people. Offer up your services, assuming of course you can do more then push a button.

I always wonder what's going through the mind of the photographer. I imagine it's something like this:

This'll make me some money. The New York Times, will definitely pay top dollar. People crawling out of the plane and freezing on the Hudson is gold! Trauma is gold!


Anonymous said...

What the fuck do you want them to do? Take the spare boat they carry around with them and paddle out? your attempts at irreverence are quite obvious paul. And also, where do you get the balls to blog on my birthday? You should be out preparing a cake or buying a hooker. Maybe scoring some coke. Lets get crazy.

Mi Thoughts said...

The cake is cooling and the hooker is taking a shower. How dare you question my loyalty Tony! Oh my god, c'mon!

And, he's right readers. If you want real quality irreverence, head to

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