Jan 4, 2009

Down With Love

I want to help you save money. The Sacramento Kings want to take that money away. Don't let them! God knows they don't do anything worthwhile with the cash. The Kings are dreadful, and Sacramentans are staying home. How will the Maloofs combat slumping interest? How can they drum up business?

Raise the cost of parking.


Currently, Arena parking is $10. Shell out $10 to see the Kings get trounced? Pay for shame? No thanks.

There is an alternative, however. If you gots ta get your Kings, park outside the arena, and walk in. At most, it's a 4 minute jaunt, and you're saving money. Money you can spend on overpriced beer in the arena.

Here's a map of the Arco Arena and the surrounding area. Park in the areas shaded red and save $10. Consider this a Screw You Maloofs Public Service Announcement.


Nate said...

Yeah...park in my complex so I won't have a space when I get home. That's awesome advice.

Mi Thoughts said...

I deftly avoided "reding" any apartment complex. I agree, that would be pretty f'ed up if I did that.

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