Jan 14, 2009

Blazing Saddles

I take my television programming quite seriously, and I hate trailers that spoil... anything. Ideally, my Lost trailer would be a black screen and a booming voice announcing, "Lost! Season five! This year, the shit's goin' off!" (my ideal world would also include network television cursing; sayonara cable advantage!).

I mentally catalog my trailer info which, unfortunately, renders pivotal moments within an episode anticlimactic; "I know they have yet to reveal scene X from the preview, so everyone must live through this!" The commercials violate the show. My treasured Lost, however, deserves to be left pure until airing.

Temptation is everywhere! Yesterday, before Yes Man began (see review), Universal spent time pimping the upcoming season. Thankfully, I have adapted to survive Lost previews. At the behest of no one, I have recreated the survival move below... in case you ever need to block a media onslaught.


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