Dec 30, 2008


This evening, there's a Dense Fog Advisory, which should read Awesome Evening Advisory. As weather phenomena goes, fog is the tops. I've taken time in my life to rank weather. I know it sounds like a boring thing to do, but it's relative. I bet a kid in Darfur would be grateful to sit on a comfy couch, munch on M&Ms, and list things he likes. I bet his list would look like this:

1. Living

The point is, Darfur is a terrible place to live and think about. Let's move on (hasn't most of the world?). Let's refocus on weather. Here's my top five weather events:

1. Fog
2. Rain
3. Lighting
4. Dust Devil
5. Crow Instability

Why these? Glad you asked. And, if you didn't ask, best you call it a day and stop reading. Staying? Ok. Suit yourself

Fog: The world feels dense. Everyone is suddenly wandering around blind. It's nice not to be the only one with 20/800 vision.

Rain: I feel focused. What's important is dry and under the roof.

Lightening: Reminds me of driving to Disneyland with the family.

Dust Devil: I always hope it's going shift directions and rip me off the ground.

Crow Instability: I don't know what this event actually is, but I picture a drunk crow stumbling out of a bar, and that makes me laugh.


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