Dec 27, 2008


Do you need a laugh? Turn on 1530 KFBK, and listen to the overnight board operator, Kevin Mellow, or, as he pronounces it, Kevin "Mewwow." His lisp is overwhelming, and hilarious.

I know, I know. Making fun of a speech impediment is reawwy wude.

In my defense, the guy has chosen a career where your voice is everything....and his has needed work....for a long time. I've heard him on the overnights for years, and he has never improved. I used to have a speech problem, worked on it, and resolved it; his is a solvable problem. His KFBK bio says he has worked in the radio, "for more then 20 years." What has he been doing for two decades? Has no one, in all that time, took him aside and said, "Hey buddy! Hear this recording of you news report? I know! Yikes! Now, go seize the day and fix that speech problem!" Fine tune your instrument sir!

Anyways, if you're OK with securing a spot in hell by laughing at someone, listen to Mewwow's news reports. You can hear them at the top and bottom of every hour during the overnights.

You're welcome.


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