Dec 26, 2008


It's my goal to pack this page with content. Sometimes, that content is helpful, and others times...well...not so much (see Mornings). Since I just posted about peeing, let me followup with something worth knowing... a thoughtful gift idea.

I thought of this years ago, used it last Christmas, and my family loved it; consider this gift market tested and approved.

Write a letter to the person detailing one of their traits you admire (protective, inquisitive, brave, etc.). Then, recount a moment you remember they were that protective or inquisitive person. It's important to write about something within them you want to emulate. Give the letter some importance by framing it, and just like that, you have yourself a very personal present.

Why go to all this work?

People love knowing they are special, and that they made an impact. The gift assures them of both. If you try it, let me know how it goes. I hope well.


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