Dec 28, 2008


In the Maloof's bid to re-enchant the Sacramento community, Gavin and Sons brought Michael Phelps to tonight's game. I wonder how many free nights at The Palms the Maloofs promised Phelps to lure him here. I suppose the brothers felt Phelps would ignite the fans, and team to victory. It's concievable Phelps did ignite the team, just the wrong one. The Celtics desimated the Kings.

The score at halftime was 59-34, Celtics. Way to go capitol city!

At the end of the night the Kings limped off the court, dismantled at 108-63. I was beaming with hometown pride!

I took pictures of the scoreboard, because I was witnessing something special, something I want to pass down to future gnerations.

Go Kings!


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