May 11, 2011

New Day

Truth is...I'm fat! (push button for dramatic effect)

I took a picture of myself a few weeks ago:

I didn't like what I saw. Who would? I need to make a change. I did. Nutrisystem. Nutrisystem is for the lazy. In fact, Nutrisystem is an anagram for Emir Tuns Sty, which translated from Latin means "You need us tubby." That's actually a lie, Nutrisystem isn't an anagram. It's a box of food. Every 4 weeks they send you pre packaged meals. You eat them, in addition to fruits and vegetables, and you lose weight. That's the idea. I'm on week three. It's going well.

At the beginning, however, it wasn't good. It was a hungry hell. I went from consuming roughly 4600 calories a day to nibbling a bare 1500. My body was not happy. It was the Apocalypse. Where once there were plenty of sugar, fat, and salt, there was now fruits, vegetables, and fiber water. I went to bed early to escape the hunger and temptation to eat.

And, I'm doing this all for Jay Sean:

Let me explain....



Nutrisystem said...

Congratulations on making the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle, Paul! We just wanted to check in and see how your progress is coming along.

Did you know that you can track your results by visiting My Program over at, and/or via our mobile apps? Many members comment that by doing so they have better success with staying on track and accountable while on this journey.

We loved your blog post and hope to hear more from you! We are here to help you out if you have any questions or concerns and can be reached via email at

Megs said...

What? Paul you have no response to the last comment??? Seriously?

Mi Thoughts said...

Shhh. Megan! If we pretend we're dead maybe Nutrisystem will paw at us a few times and go away. I don't want to engage Nutrisystem in a blog comment conversation. I want them to leave alone...leave me to my weight loss. Eventually, if I lose enough I'll go to them and say, "put me in one of your ads! Look at what a fattie I used to be!"

I'll communicate with them on my terms! God, that sounds controlling.

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