Dec 3, 2009

He Doth Protest to Much

This looks like a penis, right? I'm not alone on this, right? It's right there! It's not like I think about penis an unhealthy amount. I just can't help noticing a phallic cul-de-sac. I was Yelping an address, saw this dead end road and thought, "Oh my! Cock!" Well, it was more like "oh my! Cock." I didn't think "cock" with an exclamation point. I not excitable when it comes to penis. Why would I be excitable? Do I seem excitable? Penis is followed by a period, not an exclamation point.

By the by....cul-de-sac sounds pretty filthy.


SamH said...

The street was obviously designed that way to save our prudish society. Check it.. Auduborn Pl even has 3 pubic hairs.

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