Oct 15, 2009

180 Degrees

I think I'm a pretty bright guy. Not Mensa smart, but bright all the same. So, why don't I get it? Why do I walk away from every episode of Sports Night wanting to punch Aaron Sorkin in the face.

I'm laid up, sick for the foreseeable future, and wanted to pass the time with some quality television. I recalled the dozens of TV critics who decried ABC's decision to cancel Sports Night in the late 90s. They called it one of the best shows, ever. Ever! I decided to give it a shot.


Eight episodes in, and I'm exhausted. I can see why Sports Night never found an audience. It's preachy and to proud of itself. I'm glad ABC had Sports Night taken out back and shot.


Lena said...

Studio 60 is even worse... I just rented the whole first/only season.... although, I had a huge crush on Matthew Perry's character. He rocked.

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