Oct 7, 2009

Everything Must Go

Hey! Do you like the book learin'? Would you get more of that learnin' done if books were 30% cheaper? Well! Today is your lucky day! Borders Books winds down there Education Appreciation Week with 30% for all Teachers!

"Well, Paul," you bemoan, "I hate children, and would never teach them." That's OK! (I hope you're noting the plethora of exclamation points I'm using. This tip is that good).

Since today is the last day of Education Appreciation Week you just have to walk to up to the register, state you're a teacher, and they'll lop off 30%. They won't check to make sure you're a teacher! Loophole!

That's 30%! All you have to do is lie! Are you risking eternal damnation? Yes!

You can deliberate the ethics. I'm going to save some money.


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