Sep 8, 2009

Inspector Gadget

The Inspector Gadget theme song is stuck in my mind. I don't know how it got in, but it's in. It won't leave, and, instinctively, I keep whistling the tune.

It doesn't look cool.

This is why ignorance is bliss. If I didn't know how to whistle then I'd bounce along to the Inspector Gadget tune in my head; no whistling. People would see me bouncing and assume I was rocking to some great song, and not some cartoon of the 80s.

Oh, but they know now. These Austinites know I'm boppin' to nostalgia.

In case someone ever tells you, "just put your lips together and blow," don't do it. Don't learn whistling. You'll just end up being one uncool guy in the airport.


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