Sep 1, 2009

Did the Dew

I'm sampled Diet Mountain Dew: Ultra Violet. The verdict?

The road to hell is lined with cans of Diet Mountain Dew Ultra Violet.

It was awful. How awful? What shall I compare it to? Imagine if a grape sprang to life and that grape took steroids and that grape purchased brass knuckles and that grape fell into your mouth and that grape began punching your tongue and your tongue is savaged and you want to spit that grape out and you can't because you're in public and you swallow that grape instead and that grape beats the hell out of your esophagus all the way down until it meets with a bile death in your stomach

It's like that.


Cristina said...

So you're saying you don't recommend it?

Mi Thoughts said...

I do not. I'm glad you notice the subtext to my posts :).

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