Aug 10, 2009

Still Dead

Thanks E!

You're True Hollywood Stories: Rapper Wives was educational. I learned Big Pun died back in 2000. I had no idea.

I had wondered why he hadn't had a hit since Still Not a Player. Death'll slow down your creativity. Death Deals Discography Dearth!


Cristina said...

And I had no idea who Big Pun was. Your blog is funny and informational, Paul. Way to go. :-)

Mi Thoughts said...

Thanks. I like to enlighten. So we're reading Lolita? Works for me.

Cristina said...

Guess so. I'm claiming a victory since I suggested it!

Anonymous said...

Death didn't stop Tupac...He's bigger than ever! And I here he's coming out with a new Gentleman's cologne!

Anonymous said...

Cristina is right,your blog is equally funny and informative, i've never laughed, and i've learned nothing. Go fuck yourself. You never crossed the street when you were supposed to.

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