Aug 3, 2009


I'm rushing a book club...the very elite Books and Whatnot. The rushing consisted of, "hey, want to join a book club?" I answered yes. I was in. Hazing was a handshake.

The first item of business was deciding what book to read. There's a lot of books out there. Writing has been popular for awhile. Like all good organizations, we're meeting on Facebook (face to face (f2f) interactions are too old school for our tastes). We're embracing technology, and technology says, "get the hell away from each other!" Physical is out, and online is in.

Someone suggested we read Lolita, and I burst out, "I'd love to read Lolita." Afterward, I felt odd. I probably shouldn't be quite so excited to read about a pedophile. It's the same reason I don't exclaim, "I could really go for some Mein Kampf!" It just sounds weird.

Lolita, and Mein Kampf are just a few of those books that one should with a shrug and, "sure. I guess we could read that." Acting indifferent will leave you with less akward stares. It's a book club survival technique I encourage.

Can you think of any other books?


Cristina said...

My recruitment consisted of two text messages: "Do you like to read?" and "Want to join a book club?" Why interact face to face when the club can be completely virtual? Meetings can be done through chat and we don't even need to buy or borrow the books, we can read them online at! Brilliant!

I'm still pushing for Lolita, btw. Is that creepy? I don't care.

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

Why wasn't I informed of these things?

Not that I care or anything..*shrugs* *loti-laughing on the inside..just made that up..I'm totally ready for a book club..but you know...whatever* :P

Rebecca said...

LOL- that's awesome!


A Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Genius

sir_lander2004 said...

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