Aug 5, 2009


How's your evening going? Personally, I'm screwed. And, I don't mean the $150-an-hour-and-and-extra-$100-if-you-don't-laugh escort kind. I'm the Sandra Bullock in The Net f'ed.

It appears someone has locked me out of my own wireless network. How could that be, you might wonder? Well, you see, I'm a trusting tool. I hadn't password protected m' network. It was open. Open for all to use. And, now, it's closed. Closed for but one hacker.

Someone has snagged control of my Linksys (I've been commandeered!). I can no longer surf websites. What good is a computer if you can't access pictures of cats batting balls of string? (rhetorical question! The answer is "none!" (exclamation mark included)). As we speak some godless animal may be perusing my most intimate of computer files. I pray that's not the case. What to do. I don't think prayer is going to cut it.


Sarah said...

Well hopefully all he's going to find is your 90 gigs of por-- uhh, "research material".

Mi Thoughts said...

I wouldn't know what you're talking about. (that sounded believable right?)

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