Aug 8, 2009

Please, Define 'Need'

I roll with a successful crew, and one of them just got married and bought a house. A big house. While lounging on his papasan, taking full advantage of his hizzle, I listened to him gush about his window blinds. I could tell he was proud of the blinds. Hell, Helen Keller would have sensed his glee (get it! She's blind and deaf and mute! (what I call "God's evil hat trick") She can't sense anything (she's literally, "senseless." Ba-dum-chh!)....yet she can sense his glee? Hahahaha! Hilarious. I'm funny...and likely going to hell.)

Anyways, let me steer this tangent around (or rather, back. 'Around' suggests a circular image. Tangents aren't circu.....dammit! Paul! Focus!). I sat there, awash in blind facts, trying to soak it in, trying to care. I asked the one question that kept popping up in my mind:

"how much did they cost?"
"To outfit the first floor?

Jesus fizzle shizzle! That's wild, and I blurted, "$1400 to block the sun!?" He shrugged and mosyed to the Kegerator in the kitchen. I leaned over to another friend and deadpanned, "that's why I need to get married. I need someone to convince me that's a smart purchase. I'd as soon use bedsheets as blinds."


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