Aug 24, 2009

Home Again Home again Jiggity Jig

I'm back on sweet American soil! Oh joy! Oh blessed country! I can now drop the 'bonjour' and 'merci' for a comfortable 'hello' and 'thank you.'

Is it possible to return from vacations abroad more xenophobic? It is now!

I have time to kill in Newark betwixt my flights, so let's play a game called Dreadful. I'll begin with something I find dreadful, and you top it, and then I top that, and so on, until we inevitably end with "the universe is consumed by a black hole," or "Michelle Rodriguez is, in fact, a lesbian." The later being more dreadful for moi (I can't shake this French!) as I find her exceptionally hot, and the idea she's off the market makes me cry.

So, without further adieu (Can't. Shake. It.) Let's begin: a nine hour flight from Paris to Newark followed by a seven hour connecting to San Francisco is dreadful.



court*knee said...

Your blog is dreadful. :D

Mi Thoughts said...

You know what's dreadful? The tears welling up in my eyes!

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