Jul 15, 2009

Atlas Shrugged

What do I do? I threw this bottle of Pepsi in the freezer a few days ago to chill it. I forgot about it, and found it last night. It's more then chilled; it's frozen through.

Can I thaw it? Can it explode? Can I abandon it in a field?


shykid87 said...

you should make a knock off rootbeer flot. but with pepsi. or just get some M80s and blow it up. sorry im a pyro.

Mi Thoughts said...

I like how you're screen name is "shykid," and you're a pyro.

As of now, it's still in the freezer.

Cristina said...

Ah, I've done this many a time. It's no good. You can defrost it, but it will be flat. I second shykid87's recommendation to blow it up.

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