Jul 4, 2009


This bathroom is a magazine mausoleum. Make Money in 2008? I'm just trying to hold onto the scraps I have after the stock free fall of '08..

This poor, naïve smiling couple; all hopes and dreams in 2007. I bet their portfolio was decimated in 2008, and with nothing left they flung themselves off the bluffs in the far ground of the picture. Their only child, Fargo, grief stricken and penniless after having to sell his car to cover funeral costs, turns to dealing smack. Months later, as a lowly drug foot soldier high on his own product he falls down an open elevator shaft and dies.

That old story.


court*knee said...

Actually, it looks to me like Maury Povich is cheating on Connie Chung. So after Connie saw this magazine cover, she shot them both and took what money they had amassed in the stock market. And Fargo and his mother, who just happens to be Connie, are now lovers.

The End.

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

Wow, when you think about it like that, it's pretty sad! But your commentary is delightful lol.

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