Jul 2, 2009

The Astronauts Wife

While walking from my apartment to the car today I spotted a neighbor walking to his car as well.


I didn't want to make small talk, so I slowed my speed, fell in behind him, and as he turned to place his key in the car door I slipped to the right. I stayed out of sight! He neither saw nor heard me. My footsteps were imperceptible. I was quite proud of myself. I felt like a ninja. Then, however, I realized the guy is 80+ and he probably just didn't have his hearing aid in.


Well, I'd be a hell of a ninja in a old folks home, gliding from room to room, stealing WW 2 memorabilia and jello.


Rebecca said...

What if he's lonely and would have really appreciated someone (YOU) taking 2 seconds out of their day to say hello?

Mi Thoughts said...

He very well might have, but am I to live for someone else? Hmmm? I don't think so!

Also, since we're talking about this gent...I did in fact help him out later that day. He can't get his tv to work since the digital conversion, and I went to try and help. Turns out he needs an antenna. So, while I didn't fix it, I did try.

That's right...I'm a saint. A ninja saint.

Haley said...

You GO, Ninja saint! speaking of ninjas, have u read this book?

pretty hilarious read. =P

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