Jul 20, 2009

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I'm house hunting...well...townhouse hunting. Abode shopping...if you will. I was pouring through the listings (everyone is dumping their place), and found this description:

Doesn't that sound a little counter intuitive (ie: ridiculous). How can you have more windows and more privacy. Windows are just giant holes in your wall. More holes, more privacy? I refuse to buy this house house on the grounds of stupidity!


cd said...

It's a mistake. If you have the capital to invest, invest it in yourself - move to Chicago or LA and do something worthwhile. Unless you're fixin' to be a landlord. Don't saddle yourself with an albatross based on a previous generations' expert salesmanship of an out-moded American Dream.

shykid87 said...

Well see then again we all went to school and learned how to reread. but i agree more privacy is need yet windows do add the accurate amount of privacy lol. good one.

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