Jul 9, 2009

The Prince

Driving immediately behind a motorcycle is the worst place to be. I always worry they are going to fall off and I'll crush them under my truck. Car on motorcycle accidents are awful!

Car on car accidents, however, are pleasantly anonymous. You rarely see the other driver, hidden behind a steering wheel, and tinted glass. There's the idea someone was driving, but you're not burdened with actually seeing their post-accident shattered body.

That's why motorcycles worry me. If that driver or passenger tumbles off the back, I can't avoid shmooshing them under two tons of metal. In the rear view mirror I'd have to see a body merged with asphalt. That's some mental anguish. That person isn't going to suddenly pop back up, alive and thinner, like Judge Doom in Who Framed Rodger Rabbit (that sequence always freaked me out).

All that unwanted guilt because some yahoo chooses 'freedom to roam' over a roll bar and air bags.

I suggest motorcyclists get their own lane. Let them run over each other. I don't need the stress.


cd said...

as your attorney-friend, i'm going to have to insist that you STOP TAKING PHOTOS WHILE DRIVING AND MAKING THEM PUBLIC. srsly.

~Static~ said...

It's oddly ironic that you bring up the topic of accidents, considering I was rear-ended today while driving my pickup home after work. Destroyed my bumper, and the other guy's car (a Volvo) was totaled.

Also ironic is that I am an EMT. Fortunately me and the other driver were uninjured. I am thankful I was NOT riding a motorcycle today.

Mi Thoughts said...

That sounds awful. Hope you're feeling OK (no back pain or anything).

I'm glad I don't ride motorcycles either. I don't trust my hand eye coordination.

Mi Thoughts said...

Who's to say I snagged this photo while driving? Maybe, my servant was driving the car while I snapped pictures, and sipped on Diet Pepsi. I'll never admit to the truth.

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