Jul 11, 2009

The Pillars of the Earth

Digging through the closet can unearth some awful, "what the hell was I thinking?" moments. For instance, the above. A two headed eagle clutching a pair of scissors above two needles! Um....what?

I found this last tonight, and realized I bought it during the pre-Chicago shopping bonanza. I don't care what type of shopping spree I was on, I can't justify this purchase. I would probably look ridiculous in this. Correction, I would look ridiculous. The homeless would laugh, and thank god they didn't have the money to even consider buying the shirt.

That's the thing! I paid for this shirt! Why didn't the woman ringing me up slap me? She should have! She's not working on commission. She should have set fire to my credit card. While I would have had her fired for setting my card ablaze, I would have looked up her address months later and thanked her with a bouquet of roses.

After purchasing the shirt, my unconscious must have thought, "well, it's up to me to hide this abomination!" It did a good job. It buried the shirt in the back of the closet. I should have left it there.


Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

LOLOL Omg, I love this shirt!! I have one similar, but with a skull and instead of cross bones, it's a pair of scissors. I'm a crafter though. Are you into crafting? Or maybe you thought you were when you bought this? I mean, come on, it's got sewing needles! Seriously, wear this shirt with pride man, it's awesome :)

Mi Thoughts said...

Really? You love it? Well...give me your address and I'll ship it your way.

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