Jul 16, 2009

Oliver Twist

After arriving home today, I couldn't find the cat (I'm cat sitting. You didn't know? You should follow my tweets). I scoured the house, but I couldn't find him. Exhausted and fearing he ran away, I sat down on the kitchen floor...and noticed a cabinet door filled with food was open.

Filled with food...and maybe a cat? I grabbed a flashlight and directed towards the pitch black back of the cabinet. There he was...staying cool in the shadows:

Dope. Adorable...but a dope.


Mr. Big's Mom said...

How dare you call my cat a dope! Granted, he's a damn pussy (pun is definitely intended) but you're just mean. He has feelings, you know!

L!nL!n said...

haha..I LOVE CATS, they're the cutest most mischievous little creatures.

God said...

Dear Mr. Big's Mom-

You're son is actually quite retarded. I can say, 'retarded.' I'm God.

Mi Thoughts said...

L!nL! was funny. I spent another 10 minutes coaxing him out.

Mr. Big's Mom said...

Dear God -

Interesting you should say that, God doesn't judge people or their animals.

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