Jun 23, 2009

Sunset Rubdown

Find some fireworks! It's a celebration! Kind of!

You're reading and participating in my 1000 post. That's right! We sit on the shoulders of 999 digital scribblings.

Can I ask you a favor? Of course I can! And, you can refute my request. I've been refuted before (sob!). I'm thinking about putting together a book, a book of past/prior/before this moment posts.

This is where you come in; what were your favorites? What posts made you laugh so hard you fell off a tractor? Considering the size of a tractor, that fall could have really hurt you. I'm glad you're OK. Can we get back to my blog though? Thank you.

If there are a couple posts you really enjoyed, let me know:

I'll give you a shout out in the book. Seriously, your opinion matters.


cd said...

Please, noob. I'm coming up on 3 grand (and it'd have been far, far more if not for my damn job) - and that's over 5 years and that's substance. You're blog has ADHD.

But congrats. Round numbers are great. ;)

Mi Thoughts said...

Congrats on your your 3K.

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