Jun 2, 2009

The Church

Oh heavens! The vending machine in the office is on the fritz! It refuses coins of any kind. It'll take your bills, but the finicky thing began refusing quarters this morning. The populace is in a tizzy! They're craving a PayDay (I swear, no pun was intended)!

I've been tasked with letting everyone know about this temperamental dispenser. I taped the following message to the machine:




This machine will refuse your quarters. Well, not specifically your quarters…the machine isn’t aware (that won’t happen for a number of years). This machine refuses all quarters, no matter how much you coax, curse, or throttle.

We have our best engineers currently working around the clock and frowning, wondering why they didn’t get an English degree.

As soon as we fix this hiccup, we’ll take down the sign. If you’re reading this, the problem persists. If you’re not reading this, the problem has been fixed.

Sometimes, you have to make work fun.


Anonymous said...

I want a pic of the sign!

Paul said...

Doubter! I'll provide you a pic. I'll provide a whole series of pictures. A series of still lifes called Pic and PayDay.

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