Jun 11, 2009

Joe Lovano Us Five

My computer was a mess! So, I went on a cleaning spree, and of course that's when it happens doesn't it? That's when you find stuff you're not ready for.

I had completely forgot about the song (No) Happy Ending. I buried that song a long, long time ago, because it does what it always does, it makes me cry. I found it in a forgotten folder tonight and decided to listen. That was stupid idea. I must be a masochist, because, yep, as always, I ball. Hell, I can tell you the second of the song I lose it. Fifty one seconds in. I break. Consistency you can set you're watch to.

Of course, as for any song, it's less about the song and more about what we link to it. Stupid flooding memories.

Why am I writing this? Good lord. I better stop. I'm not about to turn this site into a LiveJournal (is that still around?). Anyways, I mention the song because you deserve to hear something beautiful, and Mika is talented, and deserves applause. So, enjoy. As you listen I'll get back to getting funny:


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